Model LSPT Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

Standard Specifications

• Designed for food and pharmaceutical applications

• Meets all 3A, USDA and TPV third party verification testing / evaluation criteria

• Accuracy : 0.50% BFSL

• Linearity : ±0.08 BFSL or better

• Hysteresis : 0.15% or better

• Repeatability : 0.07%

• Stability : ±0.2% of calibrated rage for 1 year

• Over-Range Rating : 2 times base range at burst of 800%

• Zero/Span Adjustments : ±10%

• Process Temperature Range : -20˚F to 300˚F

• Storage Temperature : -65˚F to 250˚F

• Operating Temperature : -0˚F to 180˚F

• Durability : 10 to the 7th cycles with negligible performance change

• Humidity Effect : no performance effect at 95% relative humidity


• Vibration Sweep : less than ±0.1% F.S. effect for0-2000HZ at 20 g’s

in any axis

• Shock : less than ±0.05% F.S. effect for 100g’s 20ms shock in any axis

• Position Effect : less than 0.1% F.S.

• Output : 4 to 20mA standard output; optional 1-5VDC, 1-6VDC reverse

polarity protected

• Housing : highly polished 304 s.s.; product contact surfaces 316 s.s.

• Approvals : meets ALL 3A, USDA and FDA requirements

Sanitary Pressure Transmitter
Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Video

The Lumenite® Pressure Video was initially used in an informational e-mail.  Now you can take a look here!  We're 3A / USDA!

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LSPT Pressure Transmitter (pdf)


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