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For over 80 years, Lumenite® has offered cutting edge technology to a variety of industries.  PressureMeasurement.Net deals with our sanitary digital pressure gauges, sanitary analog pressure gauges and sanitary pressure transmitters.  You can explore the PRESSURE side of things by scrolling down and clicking on FIND OUT MORE!

About Our Pressure Gauges And Transmitters

Lumenite® Sanitary Digital Pressure Gage / Transmitter

Digital Pressure Gauge / Transmitter

Shown Model : LSDPG-4220 C2" Lumenite® Sanitary Pressure Gauge / Transmitter,  2" Tri-Clamp Connection, 316 s.s. diaphragm,  2 Wire 4-20mA Continuous Output (transmitter version only)

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Lumenite® Sanitary Analog Pressure Gauge

Analog Sanitary Pressure Gauge

Shown Model : LSPG-LM-F-C2-100 Lumenite® Sanitary Pressure Gauge,  Lower Mount,  Glycerin Fill,  2" Tri-Clamp Connection,  0-100 psi range,, 316 s.s. Diaphragm

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Lumenite® Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

Sanitary Pressure Transmitter

Shown Model : LSPT-4220-C2-1000 Lumenite® Sanitary Pressure Transmitter,  2" Tri-Clamp Connection,  0-1000 psi range,  2 Wire 4-20mA Continuous Output,  316 s.s. Diaphragm

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Sanitary & Industrial Conductivity Liquid Level Controls, Level Transmitters & Probe Assemblies • Sanitary & Industrial Temperature Transmitters • H.T.S.T. Milk Pasteurization Test systems • Digital Timing Controls

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